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How to find a flat share in Berlin

With this article, we would like to help people to find a flat share in Berlin. At first, we give a general overview about the Berlin flat share market and then some insider tips on how to find a perfect shared flat in Berlin.
Berlin is still the place to be for many young Europeans and Americans. It offers the best electronic music nightlife scene, numerous museums and parks, rich culture and last but not least: compared to London or NYC living is still cheap. But in the period from 2007 to 2015 the rents increased by 47.4 per cent. That’s why a lot of young people looking for affordable living space opt for flat shares or small flats with only 25-30 m2.

How much do I have to pay for a flat share in Berlin?

Flat shares or shared flats are very popular in Berlin and all over Germany. Whether you’re a student and your budget is short or you just moved to the city and want to meet new people, a shared flat is the right choice for you. Although living costs are still affordable in Berlin, the demand and the costs for apartments grew steadily over the last few years. The prices differ heavily between the most popular neighborhoods like Mitte, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg and Neukölln and others like Lichtenberg or Tempelhof.
Average shared flat price structure in Berlin (all inclusive, in German “Warmmiete”):
Mitte: 450 Euro

Kreuzberg: 370 Euro

Prenzlauer Berg: 400 Euro

Neukölln: 360 Euro

Tempelhof: 320 Euro

Pankow: 300 Euro

Spandau: 280 Euro

How to find the best area in Berlin

First you should figure out where your university or work place is located before you start looking for flat shares (in German “WGs”). Remember: Distances can get quite long if you’re studying at Dahlem-Campus of FU Berlin or Uni Potsdam and living on the other side of Berlin, for example in Prenzlauer Berg.
Map of shared flat rental costs (average price in Euro, all inclusive, for a flat share with approx. 20 m2):

When you’re looking for a room in a shared flat you don’t necessarily need documents like a proof of creditworthiness, a proof of your latest pay checks or any guarantees. You simply need a money reserve for the rental deposit in case something gets broken when you’re living in a furnished room. Furthermore you’ll need a bank account from which you can transfer your part of the monthly rent to the main tenant’s or the landlord’s account.

Pros and Cons of living in a flat share

Living in a flat share can be complicated sometimes. But when you are new in town, to be connected to other people right from the beginning is really important.

  • cheap rent depending on the city district
  • affordable rent if you move to better city districts
  • fast connection to locals
  • often roommates become friends
  • sharing is caring: food, living goods, WLAN, energy costs etc.


  • can be stressful if you live with the wrong roommates
  • there is less time for you alone
  • other roommates might move in and out
  • smaller room for you
  • Germans can be really correct 🙂


Finding the right roommates

Finding the right roommates is quite easy. Be authentic. If you play a role, just because of trying to get a flat share, it could turn out to be a nightmare. At the first meeting with the potential roommates you should be really authentic. Be yourself! Describe what you like and what you need. And also ask your future roommates what they like and need. At the end this will pay off and you will find people you fit with. Trust us!

What can I do to find a room?

The online way:
You should create a search profile and describe yourself, your age, why you’re moving here and what you love to do. Simply things you would love to hear about others moving in with you. You could describe what room size you’re considering, whether you’re a tidy and easy-going roommate and whether you’re just looking for a shared flat to save money (“Zweck-WG”, in English roughly “functional flat share”) or you’re up for social interaction like wine evenings on the balcony or cooking with your roommates (no “Zweck-WG”). You can also upload a picture of you to give a first impression and to convince the roommates that you seriously want to find a flat.
Then start scrolling through the different offers. Which rooms or roommates’ descriptions appeal to you? Can you find a room in your favorite neighborhood (“Bezirk”) for the determined period (“Zwischenmiete”)? When you want to send a request we recommend to write a short but convincing description of yourself and attach your created profile [here].
You can use other flat share portals as well and also use Facebook. Also in Germany there are a lot of different Facebook sites and groups with the topic “flat share Berlin”. Here are the most important ones:
Flat share Facebook sites:
Berlin: WG-Zimmer und Wohnung frei
WG gesucht, WG Suche, WG Zimmer und Wohnungen in Berlin
Flat share groups Berlin:
WG-Zimmer & Wohnungen Berlin (106,057 members)

Wohnung und WG Berlin (35,278 members)

WG, Zimmer, Wohnung in Berlin gesucht (35,091 members)

provisionsfreie Wohnungen Berlin (15,589 members)

wg zimmer Wohnung  in berlin room flat apartment rent (50,023 members)

Berliner Wohnungsbörse (Wohnung, Mitbewohner, WG gesucht Berlin) (26,197 members)
The offline way:
Also use offline channels to find flat shares. Go to the black board of your university and have a look if something is available. Read newspapers with real estate offers and city magazines. And of course please ask your friends and your network. Sometimes, job colleagues can give helpful tips, too.
If you need help with the German language, please have a look at our flat share and house types ABC. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us on our Facebook Page.
What are you waiting for? Go and find a flat share in Berlin. We are happy to welcome you here 🙂

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