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How to find a flat share in Hamburg

You want to move to Hamburg and don’t know what to do to find a flat share? This article will help you by providing some general information about the Hamburg flat share market as well as some insider tips for your search.

Hamburg, the “pearl of the North”, as Germans say, is the biggest city in northern Germany and the second largest city in Germany. Officially called “Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg”, its most famous sights are the famous “Reeperbahn”, a nightlife district, and, since 2016, the “Elbphilharmonie”, a huge concert hall constructed on the base of an old warehouse building.

Given the favorable geographical situation on the coast, the extremely rich cultural life and the city’s nordic flair, it’s no surprise that many people want to live there – a fact with impacts on the rents, of course.


How much do I have to pay for a flat share in Hamburg?

Flat shares or shared flats are very popular in Germany, and so are they in Hamburg. Mainly students and young professionals opt for WG’s or Wohngemeinschaften (German for shared flats), but not only.

In 2017, the average rental price per square meter is 12.48 €. These rental costs depend on the distance to the city center, but also on the “Bezirk” (borough) and the “Stadtteil“ (quarter) and its reputation. For example, in HafenCity and St. Georg, the rents are quite high, whereas they are relatively low in Finkenwerder and Veddel.

But no matter where, a room in a shared flat is in any case a relatively cheap option, compared to renting a flat for your own.


Average shared flat price structure in Hamburg:

HafenCity: 17.71 Euro/m²

St. Georg: 16.01 Euro/m²

Finkenwerder: 7.74 Euro/m²

Veddel: 8.72 Euro/m²


How to find the best area in Hamburg

The Hamburg public transportation system is reliable and well equipped, so you can cross the city in less than one hour. Nevertheless, you should inform yourself where your future work place or university is located. Then you can try to find a shared flat in the surroundings. A short duty stroke means more time for exploring the beauty of Hamburg!

Map of net rental prices in EUR for a 70m²  two room flat in Hamburg:


What do I need for moving in a shared flat?

All the stuff required when you rent a flat on your own like proof of creditworthiness etc.: Forget about it. All you need is a bank account and money: the bank account for the transfer of the rent and money for the rental deposit when your room is furnished or for the furniture when the room is not furnished. That’s it!


Pros and Cons of living in a flat share

Living in a shared flat obviously means lower costs, but also sharing a kitchen and a bathroom. Here are some pros and cons you should consider before moving in a shared flat:


  • Sharing is cheaper than renting your own place.
  • You can live in a better property or in a better area than you could afford otherwise.
  • You quickly get in contact to locals.
  • You have a social live right from the beginning.


  • You can make a wrong choice by choosing a WG with roommates you don’t get along with.
  • You are (almost) never alone.
  • Your own room is relatively small.
  • Someone could eat your chocolate…


Finding the right roommates

When you are searching for a shared flat, you should be clear about what you want. There are different types of WGs. Are you just looking for a shared flat to save money (“Zweck-WG”, in English roughly “functional flat share”) or are you up for social interaction like WG parties or cooking with your roommates (no “Zweck-WG”)?

Then, when you meet your potential new roommates for the first time, try to be authentic. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. After some weeks of living together, it will come to light anyway! You should tell the others some things about you, but also ask about organizational aspects, social life in the WG etc. So, you and your potential new roommates can get a first impression on whether you fit in.


What can I do to find a room?

The online way:
At first you should create a search profile where you describe yourself. Try to imagine what you would like to know about somebody moving in with you! For example, write down your age, your hobbies, your taste in music, the reason for moving to Hamburg etc. Then, also briefly describe what you expect: The size of your room, if you are looking for much social interaction or if you just need a roof over your head. A picture of you gives your potential roommates a first impression of what kind of person you are.

This done, you should screen the existing offers. When one of them sounds interesting to you and the hard facts match, send a request. You should of course write more than one, but not hundreds of thousands, too. In your request, describe yourself briefly and attach the profile you’ve created before. So, you don’t have to repeat all the facts about you again and again.

Facebook is another possibility where you can look for a shared flat. Have a look at the following links, which lead to the most important sites and groups on Facebook with the topic ‘flat share Hamburg’:


Flate share sites Hamburg on Facebook:

Hamburg: WG- Zimmer und Wohnung frei


Flat share groups Hamburg on Facebook:

Hamburg: WG- Zimmer anbieten und suchen


The offline way:

Believe it or not: There are still other methods than the internet to find a shared flat!

First of all, ask everybody you get to know if he perhaps knows a shared flat with a free room, or if he might know someone who… and so on. Then have a look at the black board of your (or any) university. There you can find a huge number of offers for flat shares. Additionally, newspapers and magazines (especially the local ones) have sections with real estate offers.

Sometimes, the descriptions of the flat shares are full of abbreviations and therefore difficult to understand for people who don’t speak German. If you need help with these abbreviations or the German language in general, please have a look at our flat share and house types ABC. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us on our Facebook Page.

We hope we were able to provide you with some helpful tips and information. Good luck for your search!  

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