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How to find a furnished flat in Hamburg

Hamburg, officially called “Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg”, is the second largest city in Germany and a centre of attraction for business, tourism, culture and creativity. Especially for young creatives, Hamburg is the place to be. If you also want to “anchor” in Hamburg, this article will help you with some insider tips about the Hamburg real estate market and provide you with the relevant information to find your perfect furnished flat.


Your different options to find a furnished flat in Hamburg

Staying at a hotel for some weeks is fine, but when you’re planning to stay for some months, a furnished apartment is a great possibility to avoid the hassle of arranging cable TV and internet contracts, and to save you the expenses of buying furniture and home appliances.

In Germany, there are different types of furnished flats. There are ‘normal’ furnished flats, which you can rent without an end date, and others, which you can rent only temporarily, in German for “Zwischenmiete”. That means that you can stay there only for some time, perhaps because the main tenant spends a semester abroad and wants to move back into his apartment afterwards. Of course, there is also the possibility to rent a furnished room in a shared flat.


Best areas to find a furnished flat in Hamburg

As in every town, there are more and less expensive areas in Hamburg. HafenCity is the new quarter around the harbour: modern architecture contrasts that of the Speicherstadt, a historic warehouse district. A very trendy, but also very expensive area. A very different, but also very popular quarter is St. Georg with its lively and colourful neighbourhood: people from all different backgrounds come together in the many restaurants and bars there. These are two of the most expensive areas in Hamburg. Other quarters like Finkenwerder or Veddel for example are less exclusive, but also more affordable. No matter where you find your furnished flat: each district has its own, unique flair. So, whatever you are looking for – you can find it in Hamburg.


What do I have to pay?

In Hamburg, the situation is the same as in most cities all over the world: the lack of living space leads to rising rents. In 2017, the average rental price per square meter is 12.48 €, so the rents in Hamburg are significantly higher than the national average. That means that living in Hamburg is not cheap, but still affordable if you are ready to make compromises.

Before you start your search for a furnished flat, you should set your personal preferences: What budget do you have? Which criteria does the apartment have to meet? What is more important: the location or the condition? The size or the price? Do you want a shared flat, in order to have a social life right from the beginning, or do you prefer living alone? Depending on your budget you can find a furnished flat in Hamburg everywhere. Here is a little overview of what you have to pay:


The price structure for an unfurnished flat in Hamburg:

Net rent price structure for an unfurnished, two-room 70m^2 flat


Sites and techniques to find a furnished flat

To find a furnished flat in Hamburg, there are several sites you can visit. One of the most popular real estate portals in Germany is immobilienscout24.de. Unfortunately, there is no English version of this site, so you have to deal with German. To make it a little easier for you, we inserted a link which leads you directly to the furnished flat Hamburg section of this portal.

In addition, you can use shared flat portals like wg-suche.de. We do have an English version and you can find a huge amount of furnished flats in Hamburg there. You can scroll through the offers, and if you change your mind, you can also switch to the shared flat section or to the flat section and compare it to furnished flats. If you like to get in touch with locals and pay less, a shared flat could be an option for you, too.

Real estate and shared flat portals with a furnished flat section:



Special furnished flat portals:





Meta portals:


Special furnished shared flat portals:


Community shared and furnished flat portals:


How to deal with the German language during your flat search?

The German language is not easy. But often you have to deal with it when you want to find a nice flat. Most web portals are only in German language und there are a lot of housing types. In addition, the offers for flats are often full of mysterious abbreviations. If you need help, please visit the following site to learn more about the German house type ABC.

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