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The German House types ABC

The German language is difficult. Special for people that move to Berlin and are searching for a flat, a furnished flat, or a shared flat. With the following German house types ABC we would like to help you a little bit to understand German offers on different online portals.
General German house types
Short: Whg Word: Wohnung English: flat
Short: App. Word: Apartment English: studio
Short: DG Word: Dachgeschoss English: upper flat located under a roof
Short: WG Word: Wohngemeinschaft English: Shared Flat / Flat share
Short: Maisonette Word: Maisonette English: a flat with 2 floors, connected by a stairway
Short: MFH Word: Mehrfamilienhaus English: multi-flat building
Short: möbl. Zi. Word: möbliertes Zimmer English: furnished room
Short: z. verm. Word: zum vermieten English: for rent
Short: zur Miete Word: zu vermieten English: for rent
Short: zum Kauf Word: zum Kauf English: for sale
House types for Flat size / Layout
Short: qm / m2 Word: Quadratmeter English: square meters
Short: Zi Word: Zimmer English: Room
Short: ca. Word: circa English: approximately
Short: Wfl. / Wohnfl. Word: Wohnfläche English: living space
Short: Nfl. Word: Nutzfläche English: usable space
Short: SZ Word: Nutzfläche English: bedroom
Short: Bad Word: Badzimmer English: bathroom
House types for Rent and Utilities
Short: Miete Word: Miete English: Rent
Short: jährl. Word: jährlich English: yearly
Short: JM Word: Jahresmiete English: annual rent
Short: MP Word: Mietpreis English: Rent price
Short: mtl. Word: monatlich English: monthly
Short: K / Kaut / KT Word: Kaution English: deposit
Short: 3 MM Kaution Word: 3 MM Kaution English: 3 months worth of deposit
Short: KM Word: Kaltmiete English: base rent before additional coast
Short: WM Word: Warmmiete English: cold rent plus all additional costs
Short: NK Word: Nebenkosten English: additional coast like: water, sewage, trash collection
Short: Prov. Word: Provision English: commission paid to the real estate agent
Short: Provisionsfrei Word: Provisionsfrei English: commission free
Short: Nachmieter Word: Nachmieter English: someone that is looking for a new tenant that likes to rent the flat /room after him/herself
Short: zzgl. Word: zuzüglich English: excluding (excluding additional coast like: water, sewage, trash collection )
Short: incl./inkl. Word: inklusive English: including
House types for for Flat features
Short: EBK Word: Einbauküche English: kitchen with or without electro equipment 
Short: TG Word: Tiefgarage English: underground garage
Short: Bad mit F Word: Bad mit Fenster English: bathroom with a window
Short: Parkett Word: Parkett English: Hardwood floors
Short: Laminat Word: Laminat English: Fake hardwood floor in the look of wood 
Short: Spülm. Word: Spülmaschine English: Dishwasher
Short: WaMa Word: Waschmaschine English: Washing machine
Short: möbl. Word: möbliert English: furnished
Short: Aufzug Word: Aufzug English: elevator
Short: Blk. Word: Balkon English: balcony
Short: Terr. Word: Terrasse English: Terrace
Short: ISO Word: Isolierverglasung English: insulating glass
Short: Kabel Word: Kabelanschluss English: cable TV
Short: off. Kamin Word: offener Kamin English: fireplace
Short: F-Raum Word: Fahrradraum English: bike storage room
Short: AR Word: Abstellraum English: storage room
Short: Wanne Word: Wanne English: bath tub
Short: Du Word: Dusche English: shower
Short: ren.-bed.  Word: renovierungsbedürftig English: house or flat needs a renovation
Short: renoviert Word: renoviert English: renovated
Short: kpl. san Word: komplett saniert English: totally renovated
Short: AB / Altb. Word: Altbau English: older building
Short: NB Word: Neubau English: new construction
Short: Bj. Word: Baujahr English: year of construction
Short: EB Word: Erstbezug English: first tenancy after renovation or new build
Short: Hell / Helles Word: Hell / Helles English: lightfull
Short: sonniges Word: sonniges English: sunny
Short: mod. Word: modern English: modern
Short: grosszügig geschnitten Word: grosszügig geschnitten English: layout with a lot of space
House types for Heating
Short: HZ / Hzg.  Word: Heizung English: heating
Short: FW  Word: Fermwärme English: district heating from a local heating plant
Short: FB-Hzg. Word: Fußbodenheizung English: in-floor heating
Short: ETH Word: Etagenheizung English: radiant heating
Short: GZ-Hzg. Word: Gaszentralheizung English: central gas heating
Short: E-Hzg. Word: Elektroheizung English: electric heating
Short: ÖZ-Hzg. Word: Ölzentralheizung English: central oil heating
Short: ZH Word: Zentralheizung English: central heating
House types for the Location
Short: EG  Word: Erdgeschoss English: ground floor
Short: 2 OG Word: 2. Obergeschoss English: Second floor
Short: 1. Etage Word: 1. Etage English: First floor above the ground level
Short: 2. Stock Word: 2. Stock English: Second floor
Short: UG Word: Untergeschoss English: basement floor
Short: VH Word: Vorderhaus English: front building
Short: HH Word: Hinterhaus English: back building
Short: PLZ  Word: Postleitzahl English: Postal code
Short: Seitenstrasse Word: Seitenstrasse English: side street
Short: rhg Word: ruhig English: quiet
Short: Uni-Nähe Word: Universitätsnähe English: near university
Short: Umgeb. Word: Umgebung English: area or neighborhood
Short: Verk.-Anb. Word: Verkehrsanbindung English: good access to public transportation
Short: Zentrum Word: Zentrum English: city center
Other House types
Short: NR Word: Nichtraucher English: non-smokers only
Short: WBS erford. Word: Wohnberechtigungsschein English: only rented to holders of a special permit (WBS)
Short: Tiere Word: Tierhaltung English: pets allowed
Short: ab sof. Word: ab sofort English: available immediately
Short: sofort frei Word: sofort frei English: available immediately
Short: ab 1.5 Word: ab 1.5 English: Flat or room is available from 1st May
Short: bezugsf. Word: bezugsfrei English: No current tenants in the flat.  Available immediately


If we miss some types, please send us a Feedback and we will complete.

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